Thursday, 21 November 2013

Action World by Tim

Action World

On November 20 Rooms 3 and 4 went to Action World for a trip. The bus arrived around about 9:30am because there was a bus incident. We took 30 minutes to get there.

At 10:00am we left the bus towards Action World. There was a person called Jerry that explained nearly all of the rules. There were a WHOLE lot of rules!! For example when you fell off you lay on your bottom or your back. Seriously we had to listen to the rules for nearly half an hour!! After that Jerry started our 4 groups to every different activity.

When Jerry finished explaining the rules we had morning tea. Some of the children ate lunch but that was okay.  (I ate lunch as well)  Meanwhile we had free time, it was so cool. There were The jousting bridge, Bungee run, Trapeze (for this activity you had to finish all 4 bars on the Jungle swing) the Tight rope and the Trampoline. We had an hour of free play, after that we then had lunch
Then it was lunch, it was the same as morning tea and we had another hour of free play .       

I liked the Jousting Bridge because you could play with an opponent; you could also suicide (only if you really wanted to).

I disliked the Trapeze because it was too high up, though when the teachers did some tricks I felt brave enough to try it.  I still had a great time.      

Well I guess it was time to go back to school. It was the exact same driver, and there was even some Chinese on the bus, on the back of the seat.   If I was to translate it, it would read `Young man bus`. 

When the driver was driving us back to school I sit by Mahir, we talked about the trip and had a fun time. When we got near Constellation Drive, I saw the wind blowing the grass like waves pouring onto the grass.

We arrived back at school around about 1:30pm.  When we arrived back at school our room, Room1 had Room 2 in our class because they were talking about their trip to Rangitoto.

I had a absolutely beautiful trip today.

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