Monday, 12 August 2013

All about Market Day

Market day

At market day we made ice-cream to sell.  All of us made 25 different flavours of ice-cream, it was $1.50 per serving of ice-cream. For example there was Choca MM, Choco Caramel, heavenly waffles and Choc Hunthousands. Other classes made other stuff such as Bath bombs or Magic fruit kebabs. It was a GREAT experience for all of the classes involved.

Before Market day we had went to the supermarket and Tip Top factory. They told us about all the things we need to know about ice-cream and selling ice-cream.

We made $181! Nearly ALL the people came and bought our yummy delicious ice-cream. It started on 11th of July after morning tea and ended at just before lunch.

We spent a lot of time basically 1 week, Room1 finished all of this 3-4 days before market day. We had to do ultra cleaning after all of this mess.

Well first Mrs Campbell brought all the ingredients to make the ice-cream and we were in charge of all the ingredients to make our own flavours of ice-cream.


Another Market Day experience

Market Day

Market day is a day that you can sell things you and your class make.  On market day we sold ice-cream. We sold ice-cream for $1 in a cone and $2 in a cup.  There was ice-cream cake there was picnic pie and all sorts of other flavours. I made peppermint choc sauce.


Market Day

Market day
Market day was on 11th of July after morning tea. For Market day, Room 1 made ice cream, there were lots of new ice cream Room 1 made that were not at the supermarket. The ice cream’s price was $1.50 with a cone, but soon we had to use cups because the cones were all out. The school’s pathway was overloaded with students, lots of ice cream got sold out.  At Room 1’s stall there were many parent helpers to help scoop the ice cream. For market day, we were only allowed coins instead of notes because the stalls didn’t have enough change to give. Room 1 made $181 dollars from market day! Lots of things had to be brought to make the ice cream for market day in Room 1.  It was very exciting to make our own tasty ice cream, after Room 1 had made the ice cream, Room 1 served ice cream to teachers or friends at school to test the ice cream. Room 1 wrote PMI’s about making the ice cream and what changes they had to make. First Room 1 made the ice cream in a small container, then Room 1 made the ice cream in a ice cream container with changes. Room 1 also voted what to use the market day money on, Room 1 decided to use the money to go to Glenfield pools, but they had to ask Ms Neal to be allowed to go to Glenfield pools, so Room 1 made letters to Ms Neal.

By J.K