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From the top of Rangitoto

Rangitoto photos morning tea

Rangitoto photos

Rangitoto photos

Our Trip To Rangitoto. A combined story, written by Myles, Ashlee, JK, Tariq, Amber, Aaron, Aayesha and Stella

On Thursday 21 November Room 1 and Room 2 were getting our bags packed and putting our sun block on so we could be all ready to walk up Rangitoto.

We caught the bus and Mrs Campbell was standing next to the bus door counting us so no one was left behind at the classroom.  The bus driver took us to Auckland because we had a change of plans.

When Room 1 and Room 2 got off the bus they lined up in their room lines, then walked to the ferry terminal.  While Mrs Campbell was busy buying tickets Room 1 and Room 2 had to line up in their best behaviour as we were representing the school.  Finally Mrs Campbell came with the tickets, we had to wait for a long time for the ferry.

When the ferry came we had to wait for all the adults to go before us.  When we finally got on the ferry we could choose where we want to sit.  But we had to ask a parent helper if we could go anywhere we wanted.  Some people went outside and walked to the top of the ferry, also some people stayed in the bottom seats.  We heard the captain talking out loud on the microphone, he gave us some information.  There was a beautfiul view outside.  We could also see Rangitoto Island getting closer.

We walked off the ferry along the bridge.  Then we sat on the wooden platform and then we had our Morning tea. After we had to go to the toilets because there were only toilets at the bottom. Mrs Campbell and Mr Mahy led the way, Mrs Campbell finished last.

After we lined up we started to walk up Rangitoto.  The ground was steep at some parts and was so so hot.  I was walking with Lainee but I lost her half way.  Mr Mahy was in the lead.  When we were almost at the top, I felt so sleepy.  It was really rocky under our feet so we would slip and slide around really fast and then fall and hurt ourselves.  When we walked sometimes there were steps to climb.

Mr Mahy’s group got at the top called the Summit first and had their lunch. Then the next group arrived with some Mums and Dads and they had their lunch.   At the top there were seats and there was from world war two.   Some people played in it. Mrs Campbell came 30 minutes later than Mr Mahy’s group.   Everyone was tired when they got to the top. Someone even hurt their hand and knee by falling over on the gravel.  We all saw a good view.  Some people, Aaron,  Jack and Tariq sang songs at the summit. Everyone from Room1 had a photo and we all had snake lollies.  We stayed there for a hour then we put our sunscreen on to go back down.

When we started to come down it, it started to get even harder.  This time even more people fell down.  At the start Mr Mahy took many children the wrong way, but we turned around and he took them the right way again.  While we were all walking down we could see the rocks that the lava made and we could see possum traps.  We also saw spider webs and lots of caves that were blocked.  I walked with Tiara and her Mum.  As we were walking down lots of people fell as some people were running.  When we finally all reached the bottom a few people sat on the grass chatting and playing hand games.  Once everybody was finally down we all walked across a bridge to the other side and finally played.  Some people went to look at the information boards about what happened to Rangitoto a long time ago.  Some boys started pointing at fish in the water.  Then we were allowed to skim some rocks along the water.  Meanwhile Georgia, Charlize and Helena walked down a hill with stones on it.  They found shells that they wanted and picked them up but they weren't allowed to take them home.  After a while the ferry arrived and we walked across the wharf and sat where we wanted.

When the ferry arrived the line was moving slowly.  You could sit on the top where it was windy and hot, or on the second floor where there was a long table and bench chairs.  On the last floor there was a buffet with roasts and tables and chairs.  I tried to get to the top, thankfully lots of seats were free.  After a few minutes I walked to the other side to see the view.  Soon you could see a beautiful view of the city plus some huge buildings.  

Then we finally arrived in Devonport.  We all lined up to hop off the ferry.  As we got off the ferry we saw buildings, cafes and other shops.  We walked across a wooden bridge walkway.  At the end we all met up and had a head count.  Next we sat down and talked about the bus being late and going to the nearby playground.

On the way we passed a noisy truck with air holes.  We all dropped our bags under a big oak tree.  Then we ran to the playground..  In one area there was a playground only with slides.  On the first floor were two mini slides, if you climbed a few more steps there was a curvy yellow slide.  A few more steps up there was a big blue slide that was really curvy.  Lots of people wanted to go on the big slide and not on the others, so it became crowded at the bottom and we all bumped into each other.  After a while I thought the slide was uncomfortable and crowded.  I decided to go on the see saw.  My friend and I giggled when it went up and down only an inch.  Instead I went on the aluminium slide.  It was hot sitting in the sun.  Since I was wearing shorts it was hot on my legs.  I went to the swings that were behind me.  A queue was waiting behind the big swing so I walked to a big oak tree that had orange leaves.  It had a stone message on the front.  Then the bus arrived while I was reading it.  We picked up our bags to go and get on the bus. The bus came and I was one of the last people on.  In the end I ended up sitting with two other people.  It was really squishy.  We played I spy also.  

Then we arrived at school.  We hopped off the bus and we were all chatting about how fun our trip was.  Some of us walked over to SKIDS down the path, some parents had helped with the trip so they walked to the car with their child.  Others walked to their car parked in the car park.  Some parents walked to see their child.

Apple and Carrot Salad Recipe by Georgia

Fruit Salad and Yoghurt recipe by JK

Apple and Carrot Salad

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Making Fruit Salad with and without yoghurt.

Action World by Tim

Action World

On November 20 Rooms 3 and 4 went to Action World for a trip. The bus arrived around about 9:30am because there was a bus incident. We took 30 minutes to get there.

At 10:00am we left the bus towards Action World. There was a person called Jerry that explained nearly all of the rules. There were a WHOLE lot of rules!! For example when you fell off you lay on your bottom or your back. Seriously we had to listen to the rules for nearly half an hour!! After that Jerry started our 4 groups to every different activity.

When Jerry finished explaining the rules we had morning tea. Some of the children ate lunch but that was okay.  (I ate lunch as well)  Meanwhile we had free time, it was so cool. There were The jousting bridge, Bungee run, Trapeze (for this activity you had to finish all 4 bars on the Jungle swing) the Tight rope and the Trampoline. We had an hour of free play, after that we then had lunch
Then it was lunch, it was the same as morning tea and we had another hour of free play .       

I liked the Jousting Bridge because you could play with an opponent; you could also suicide (only if you really wanted to).

I disliked the Trapeze because it was too high up, though when the teachers did some tricks I felt brave enough to try it.  I still had a great time.      

Well I guess it was time to go back to school. It was the exact same driver, and there was even some Chinese on the bus, on the back of the seat.   If I was to translate it, it would read `Young man bus`. 

When the driver was driving us back to school I sit by Mahir, we talked about the trip and had a fun time. When we got near Constellation Drive, I saw the wind blowing the grass like waves pouring onto the grass.

We arrived back at school around about 1:30pm.  When we arrived back at school our room, Room1 had Room 2 in our class because they were talking about their trip to Rangitoto.

I had a absolutely beautiful trip today.